For  example:

Are you interested in realizing an extension to your home, but you have no idea about the

possibilities, or are you looking for a certain atmosphere or character?
Share your thoughts with GJS Concepts!

We'll note where you want the windows, position (s) of the door (s),
details regarding the floor (s), ceilings and walls, perhaps a skylight?
We outline all this until the basics are fixed and ready for digital processing.

A 3D model is set up,

after which some visualisations are made.

This gives you an impression of how the daylight falls in

and you'll get an idea about the possibilities with your furniture.

Of course you can adjust all your wishes:

Think of different shades, materials, textures and perhaps images from different viewing angles.

You might want a movie or 360 ° panorama to gain insight, or to share with others?

- Images with a maximum resolution of 7680x4320 pixels.
- A guided tour as a film, in 4K - 3840x2160 pixels.
- 360 ° panoramas, which you can experience with your Apple / Android device.

GJS Concepts
Visualize your dreams

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