Gijs-Jan Spekman, founder of GJS Concepts has experienced the breakthrough from 2D to 3D project development during his career as a technical draftsman.


With experience from civil engineering, hydraulic engineering, horticulture and product design, there is a toolbox full with possibilities.

The experience from the Engineering-world is that the developed 3D models only functioned to generate construction drawings. Often little was done with the 3D model once the drawing work was delivered.

This has created the passion of rendering and the development of realistic artist impressions from these 3D models, with beautiful results that provide clarity for everyone.

Some examples of this are:

Illustrations for technical documents / manuals.

Posters for the construction site.
Banners for the facade of a construction project.

Construction signs on the construction site.

Virtual tour videos for clients.

VR presentations for residents of a project.

Product images for your website.
Prints for events.






GJS Concepts.

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